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Refund policy

In the unlikely event that any player wishes to claim a refund from TLPS Ltd, after having paid entry to a tournament, this will be considered by TLPS within the parameters of certain conditions having been met and the validity of reason for making a refund request.

TLPS will only consider refunding a players entry fee and buy back fee in certain exceptional circumstances but wholly reserve the right to make a final decision on whether a refund will or will not be made.

In the event TLPS decide a player is entitled to a refund this payment will be made to the players TLPS account from which the original entry and buy back fees were made.

The only circumstances in which TLPS will consider refunding a players entry fee are:

In the unlikely event a tournament is cancelled, at the discretion of TLPS and due to external circumstances beyond TLPS’s control. In these circumstances all players registered from week one of that tournament will be refunded their entrance fee. Any players which had paid any buy back fee in subsequent weeks of the same tournament will have their buy back fee refunded.
If a player has decided not to proceed in the tournament before the closing time of the tournament they can request a refund by contacting TLPS as shown in (2)
TLPS do not foresee any other reason in which a refund will be necessary however a player has the right to request on as outlined in section (2).

To request a refund a player must in the first instance have;

  • A registered account with TLPS
  • Paid the full entry fee to a tournament and any rebuy fee (dependent on them having selected this during the normal running of the tournament).
  • Made a written request via standard or electronic mail to the offices of TLPS no later than 30 days after the tournament in question has started as no refund will be considered beyond this time period.
  • Supplied within their communication the following details:
  • Their name and TLPS account user name.
  • Their contact details if different from their TLPS registration e-mail address or telephone number if verbal communication is preferred.
  • The tournament number for which they are claiming a refund.
  • Their reason and any supporting evidence for which they are making a request for refund.